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Google Calendar Syncing (two-way)
Google Calendar Syncing (two-way)

Two-way syncing of your tasks and events between Nifty and Google Calendar.

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Sync your calendars two-way to easily keep track of your tasks, timelines, and events from both Nifty and within Google.

With this powerful integration, you can:

  • Create and assign Tasks in Nifty to have them automatically appear in the Google Calendar of the assigned user

  • Create Events in your Google Calendar(s) and have them appear in your Nifty Calendar

  • Keep track of changes to task names, descriptions, start dates, and due dates

๐Ÿ‘‰ Note: Tasks must be assigned to users for syncing to their Google calendar.

โœจ Tip: To ensure your most-used Google Calendars do not get overlapped by Nifty tasks, we suggest to create a brand new Google Calendar. You can easily show or hide the new Google Calendar to display your tasks.

Installing the Google Calendar App

Visit the App Center in Profile Settings, select the Google Calendar application, and choose the calendar you'd like to integrate with.

Configuring Your Integration

Once integrated, select the Configure button under Google Calendar in your App Center to establish the details of your integration.

First, you'll be asked to select the Google Calendar(s) that you'd like to have appear in your Nifty calendar.

Two-way Sync

Enabling the Two-way Sync switch will make it that Nifty Tasks appear in the Google Calendar of your choice. Select the calendar you wish to sync, and select the Sync existing Tasks button before pressing Done.

Viewing Your Integrated Calendar

The My Calendar tab in the Calendar sidebar section will now give you the option to flip through your integrated Google Calendars and view Google events alongside your Nifty tasks.

Additionally, with Two-way sync enabled, you'll be able to see your Nifty Tasks in your Google Calendar.

Calendar FAQs

/// How quickly does a Task appear in my synced calendar once I'm assigned?

The Task will appear in your calendar instantly.

/// If more than one person are assigned to a Task, whose calendar will it appear in?

The Task will appear in all synced calendars of those assigned to the Task.

/// Do Subtasks appear in my synced calendar?

While subtasks will not appear in your synced calendar, you are automatically assigned to the main task when assigned to a subtask. This main task will appear in your synced calendar.

/// What happens when a Tasks details are updated?

Changes to a Task's name, description, as well as start & due dates, will reflect in your synced calendar as well.

/// When are Tasks removed from my synced calendar?

Tasks that are unassigned, deleted (individually or as part of project or workspace deletion), archived, or completed will not appear in your synced calendar.

Disconnecting the Integration

To disconnect your Google Calendar integration, click on the link icon in the top right of the integration card in your App Center.

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