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Assigning Color to Task Status Lists
Assigning Color to Task Status Lists

Assign colors to your Task Status lists to beautify and visualize your workflow across your workspace.

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Customizing Status colors is a great way to add visual cues to your workflow. The color of a Status not only shows in your Task board, but is reflected in Workloads, Calendars, All Tasks, and My Tasks as well.

Note that these colors are not personalized and are set on a project level and will appear in the above areas throughout your workspace for all collaborators to see.

How to Add or Change a Status Color

Access the menu on Status hover in either the Kanban or List View of your Tasks module.

Once you've selected Assign color , you will be presented with a palette of options. Choose the one that feels right or indicates something meaningful to your Status (green to indicate good / go, red to indicate an issue or alert).

The selected color will now appear above the Status.

Changing or Removing Status Color

To change or remove the Status color, you will again access the option dot menu on hover and select the Assign color option. When the palette appears, select a new color, or select the strikethrough option in the top left of the palette to remove the color. This change will be reflected across your Workspace.

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