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Creating Task and Milestone Templates
Creating Task and Milestone Templates

Create and reuse Tasks and Milestones to quickly implement routine workflows.

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Task Milestones are great for generating a pre-loaded Task with the information necessary to get started quickly. Similarly, Milestone Templates allow you to create a bundled array of Tasks.

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Saving a Task Template

Once you've created a Task that you'd like to save as a Template, access the Task menu via within the Task or on hover of the Task from the board view and select Save as Template.

The following information can be saved into a Task Template:

  • Description

  • Start / Due Date offsets

  • Subtasks

  • Custom Fields

  • Embeds

Customizing Your Template

Name, Description, and Features

Here you can name our Template as well as give the Template a description to help you and your team understand the purpose of this Template. Below this area is where you can select which aspects of the Task you'd like to have saved into the Template.

Task and Subtask Offset Days

Templates allow you to save relative Start and Due dates for Tasks, as well as Due Dates for Subtasks. These dates are saved in what are called Offsets.

These fields will automatically be populated relative to the date where you are saving this template. For example, a Task that starts today (Monday) and is due on Sunday will have a Start Offset of 0 and a Due Offset of 6

Creating a Task from a Template

You'll see a dropdown selector to choose from your Task Templates anywhere the Add Task popup module appears, such as:

  • + Create button --> Project Task in the top right of Nifty

  • + Add Task / status button in the top right of a Task Board

  • Calendar Views

You'll see the ability to select from your Task Templates from the dropdown menu above Task Name.

Once your Template is selected, information will populate the module based on the Task's templated information. This templated Task is now ready to be created once it is given a Status.

Saving a Milestone Template

You can save a Milestone Template from the option dot menu on hover of a milestone, or via the option dot menu from within an open Milestone.

Not only do Milestone templates retain the description and deadline information, but they also save the details of each Task within it, allowing you to build your projects with Milestone-segmented Workflows.

Milestone and Task creation methodology is the same, so please read the above section to learn more how Offsets impact your Milestone Start and Due dates as well as the dates of the Tasks within them.

Creating a Milestone from a Template

You have the option to select your Milestone Template when selecting + Add a Milestone button in your roadmap.

Editing and Deleting Task and Milestone Templates

You can update a Template by creating a project from it, making the desired changes, then saving a new version of this Template. You can even choose to delete the old version with the trash can icon in your Workspace Control Center.

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