Your tasks, Docs, and Files probably fall into several "buckets" or descriptors that give them additional meaning. Tags are a great way to assign these meanings to Tasks, Docs, and Files to make them easier to find within a project and across your Workspace.

Pre-made Priority Tags

By default, we offer 4 status priorities as tags: High / Medium / Low Priority, and Blocked.

To add a tag to a Task, Doc, or File, simply click on it. You'll see a check mark appear. Click again on the tag to make it disappear. Tasks may have more than one tag, which has increased relevance once you start creating Custom Tags.

Creating a Custom Tag

Our Priorities are just a start point for Tags, as they're great for a wide variety of uses. Once a Tag is created, that same Tag can be referenced across all of the projects in the workspace. Here are some popular Tags used to classify data in Nifty:

  • Front End (development)

  • Back End (development)

  • Mobile (development)

  • Email (marketing)

  • SEO (marketing)

  • Paid (marketing)

  • UX (design)

  • UI (design)

  • ...and many more

How to Create a Custom Tag

In a Task, Doc, or File, open up the Tags box and scroll to the bottom to "+ Create a new tag". From here, you'll name your Tag and select a wonderfully striking color for it.

Learn how you can apply a Tag to a bunch of tasks quickly through Bulk Actions!

Doc and File Tags

Tags can also be applied to Docs and Files as well for organizational purposes.

Filtering for Tags Across Nifty

Filtering Tasks

Task Tags can be filtered on your taskboard to show only tasks with the filtered Tag. But this functionality really shines when you start filtering for task Tags across all of your projects in My and All Tasks.

Filtering Tags on Docs and Files

Tags are a fantastic way to group content together within a project to make sure all of your Wireframes, Blogs, and more can be found through a simple filter. Think of this as folderizing content with the added benefit of allowing content to fall into more than one folder of relevancy.

Be sure to find these filters in the Docs and Files sections of your My Tasks as well!

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