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Albato Integration

Connect Nifty to your favorite apps and simplify your workflows through Albato's powerful no-code automation platform.

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Nifty already offers a fantastic range of integrations, but sometimes you need more flexibility to connect the specific tools you rely on every day.

Albato is here to help you tailor workflows to your unique needs! With over 600 apps available and an easy-to-use App Integrator, you can create custom automations with Nifty and a vast array of other services in just a few clicks!

The intuitive platform can be easily configured to match your particular use cases. Plus, you can insert various filters and tools for data processing, as well as create and apply automation templates.

Nifty Integration with Albato

With the Albato integration, you can configure two-way automation scenarios with events to trigger data transfer or execute actions in Nifty. Here is the list of available events.


  • New Project

  • Project Update

  • New Task

  • Task Update

  • New Message

  • Message Update

  • New Milestone

  • Milestone Update


  • Create Project

  • Update Project

  • Create Task

  • Create Task Group

  • Create Milestone

  • Create Document

  • Create Label

  • Custom API Request

Use cases

Here are some automation scenarios with Nifty that can be implemented in Albato:

  • New Task in Nifty → Insert a new record in the given Retable: Automatically add a new record to Retable whenever a new task is created in Nifty, keeping your task data synchronized across platforms.

  • New Message in Nifty → Send an email via Gmail: Send an email notification through Gmail every time a new message is posted in Nifty, ensuring prompt communication.

  • New Task in Nifty → Create a new message in the selected Noysi channel: Post a new message in a designated Noysi channel whenever a new task is created in Nifty, keeping your team informed.

  • Milestone Update in Nifty → Create/update a row in Google Sheets: Update a row in Google Sheets whenever a milestone is updated in Nifty, maintaining up-to-date project tracking.

  • Task Update in Nifty → Send a message to a public channel in Slack: Send a Slack message to a public channel every time a task is updated in Nifty, ensuring the team stays updated on task progress.

  • New Task in Nifty → Create a contact in Google Contacts: Automatically create a new contact in Google Contacts when a new task is added in Nifty, helping manage contacts related to tasks.

  • New Message in Nifty → Send a channel message in Microsoft Teams: Notify your team in Microsoft Teams with a channel message whenever a new message is posted in Nifty, keeping everyone in the loop.

  • New Task in Nifty → Automation delay tool → Send message via Telegram: Use an automation delay tool to send a Telegram message after a new task is created in Nifty, allowing for timed notifications.

  • Submit Form in Formaloo → Create a project in Nifty: Automatically create a new project in Nifty when a form is submitted in Formaloo, streamlining project initiation.

  • New Task in ClickUp → Create a task in Nifty: Create a corresponding task in Nifty whenever a new task is created in ClickUp, ensuring cross-platform task management.

  • New Row in Google Sheets → Update a project in Nifty: Update a project in Nifty when a new row is added to Google Sheets, keeping project details consistent across tools.

  • Incident Created in Better Uptime → Create a task in Nifty: Generate a task in Nifty when an incident is reported in Better Uptime, facilitating immediate follow-up actions.

  • New Answer in Google Forms → Create a project in Nifty → Create Task Group in Nifty: Automatically create a new project and a task group in Nifty based on responses from a Google Forms submission, streamlining project setup from form inputs.

How to create an automation

Now, let's delve into the step-by-step process for creating an automation. In our example, we'll cover a scenario in which a new task in Nifty updates a row in Google Sheets.

Sign up for free or log in to your Albato account, access the Automations section, and click the Create new automation button.

On the first step, choose Nifty as the app where your data will come from, and the New Task event to trigger your automation. Then, specify your Nifty connection, and select the Project in the Additional Parameters field.

Choose the Automation timing and click the Save button.

Choose the App ID from the drop-down list and click the Save button.

Now, set up the second automation step.

Choose the Google Sheets app and the Create/update a row action. Then, specify your connection. In the Additional parameters section, select the Spreadsheet and Spreadsheet sheet.

Match up the Google Sheets columns with Nifty's fields (like Task ID, description, etc.).

Specify the Duplicate Search setting.

Make sure everything is correct, then Start your automation.

DONE! You've just created an automation that effortlessly connects Nifty to Google Sheets.

Integrating Nifty with Albato opens up a world of possibilities for automating and streamlining your project management processes. By automating routine tasks and ensuring seamless data flow between your favorite apps, you can focus more on what truly matters—delivering outstanding projects and achieving your business goals.

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