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Using Story Points to Estimate Time (Agile - Scrum Workflow)
Using Story Points to Estimate Time (Agile - Scrum Workflow)

Story Points help enable an Agile - Scrum methodology to keep track of team resources based on time.

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What are Story Points?

Story Points are the weight assigned to a task to understand the effort required in accomplishing it. A Story Point correlates to one day of work. While Story Points are typically found in development workflows, they work very well for any team looking to balance their team's resources based on time.

Manage Milestone Based Sprints using Story Points in Nifty

Story Points estimate time for tasks, typically with 1 point accounting for roughly 1 day of work. You can use decimals to indicate partial days (.5 points = half of a day). You’ll be able to estimate the work it takes to finish a task more effectively so your team can more accurately track their workflow. Story points are compiled by a project's milestones to help you track overall sprint progress.

Setting Story Points on a Task

Story points account for the amount of work that needs to be done, the complexity in that work and any risk associated with completing it. The story points field in the task will allow you to set the number of points for the task.

Tracking Sprint Progress based on Story Points 

Milestones will aggregate the amount of story points assigned to the tasks within that milestone as well as the amount of points already accomplished.

Workload Story Points

You can use the Workloads tool to determine how many Story Points a team member has completed compared to their assigned amount. This is a fantastic way of gauging someone's overall workload. The amount of points will dictate the duration of the task based on it's End Date. Note that if you are using task Start Dates, a task's duration in Workloads will reflect the distance between the start and end date and not the Story Points assigned.

Overview Story Points

Accessing Overview will give you story point roll-ups of all of the tasks within that Portfolio and the Projects within it!

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