Recurring Milestones

Set Milestones to recur with associated tasks to automate weekly or monthly workflows.

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Recurring Milestones allow you to build out a framework for weekly sprints and monthly reviews. Milestones will recur without their tasks tied to them.

Note: To duplicate tasks with recurring milestones, the milestone must be a Status Milestone. Any completed tasks will be duplicated and any open tasks will simply have their end dates updated based on the recurring dates of the milestone.

While Recurring Tasks are great for single tasks that need repeating, Recurring Milestones automates larger, routine initiatives to let you focus on the meaningful stuff.

Defining recurring criteria

Similar to Recurring Tasks, only the information inputted in the Milestone before the recurring parameters are set will recur. Any adjustments made afterwards will not be reflected in the new Milestone.

Recurring Parameters Based on:

Day: This milestone recurs more than once a week; select the specific days and time you'd like this milestone to be created.

Weekly: Choose which day of the week and time this milestone should be created.

Monthly: Select which day of the month this milestone should be created. Note that this works off of a specific date, and that only the number of that date should be inputted. Eg: The 15th of every month should be inputted as 15.

Ends: Select a date and time that this milestone will no longer recur after. 

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