Got a weekly meeting? How about a daily task? Or a monthly report?

Nifty's recurring tasks removes the hassle of creating these tasks manually by automating task creation based on your criteria!

How Tasks Recur

Tasks recur based on the parameters you input OR upon completion of the task (whichever comes first, when applicable).

Example: A task to set to recur Monday at 9am will recur at that date and time automatically. You can get the next version of that task to recur sooner if you complete it.

Recurring information

A task will be recur in the list it is originally created in and can automatically repopulate hidden status, description, assignments, tags, subtasks, and subtask assignments.

Note that task Deadlines and Comments will not recur.

Defining recurring criteria

Once you've selected the task you'd like to have recur, you'll be given options to dictate this task's recurring criteria.

Based on:

Date:  This tasks repeats based on date requirements
Status: This task recurs based on the list its in. For example, you can have this task recreate when the current one is placed in your Completed pile.

--Date-Based parameters--


Day: This task recurs more than once a week; select the specific days and time you'd like this task to be created.

Weekly: Choose which day of the week and time this task should be created.

Monthly: Select which day of the month this task should be created. Note that this works off of a specific date, and that only the number of that date should be inputted. Eg: The 15th of every month should be inputted as 15.

Yearly: Select yearly from the dropdown and then choose the month you'd like to repeat the task and input the day of the month.

Eg: The 15th of that month should be inputted as 15.

Period based: This option allows you to repeat tasks bi-monthly, quarterly, and bi-annually. Simply select the option that suits your workflow the best.

End Date: Select a date and time that this task will no longer recur after. 

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