You can easily send an email to your project to either create a Task or post a Discussion message. This will be determined by the way you address your email to your project.  

Note: Be sure to use the email associated with your Nifty team in order to successfully forward emails.

Start by finding your project's email address

First, you'll need to find your project's email address to forward this email to. You can find and copy your project's email address from your project settings as shown here:

Creating a Task out of an email

Here's how to fill out the email to your project in order to create a task from the email's information.

Email Address (found in project settings):
Subject: Task Name [Tasklist] #Tag
Body: Task Description

So, here's an example:

Email Address:
Subject: Create onboarding design [To Do] #UX
Body: We need to create a design for when users sign up!

Creating a Discussion message out of an email

Creating a line of text in a project discussion is a little easier:

Email Address (found in project settings):
Subject: (Leave Blank)
Body: Message you'd like to send :)
Attachments: Just attach your files!

Our example:

Email Address:
Body: I really liked the latest design -- let's use that one!

File Attachments

Files attached to an email will be forwarded into your project tasks or discussions along with the other details you provide.

*Note: Email messages have a total size limit of 20MB. 

Also, this email forwarding works with any and every email provider!

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