Want to know who this next task should go to? Need to track how many hours a specific team member logged on a task? Nifty Workloads provides insights on your team's task volume, recent updates, and logged time.

Active Workloads in Timeline View

Visualize your team's tasks on a timeline view and balance workloads seamlessly. See what everyone is working on, number of open and overdue tasks by members, and the hours tracked to prevent team burnouts.

Gain Deeper Workload Insights

To learn more about a teammate's work, click on their profile to see their tasks across the projects you're both a part of, as well as the time they've logged across projects.

Completed Workloads in Timeline View

You'll see user-based completed tasks by flipping the Workloads view from Active to Completed. You can also export these reports as CSV by clicking on the export button at the top right corner.

P.S. Learn more about the different types of reporting inside Nifty here.

Filtering Workloads by User Tags

Put your User Tags to work when you filter your Workloads resources to reveal relevant groupings of teammates.

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