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Nifty Automation Types

Nifty automations take out the repetitive work from your workspace, so you can save time and focus on things that matter.

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From automated reporting and task assignments to a custom if/then automation builder, Nifty can do the heavy lifting for your workflow.

1. Custom If/Then Workflow Automations

Nifty's Automation Builder puts the power of customization in your hands to design the exact workflow to fit your needs. Autogenerate due dates, send messages, and more with this powerful yet intuitive automation builder.

To learn more about custom workflow automations, check out our help article here.

2. Automating Progress Reporting with Milestones

Project Milestones can automate progress reporting of your projects to align every stakeholder of the project. Simply tie tasks to your Milestones and automate their progress visually with the exact percentage of progress as those tasks are marked completed.

To learn more about mastering Milestones, visit our Automating Milestone Progress help article.

3. Automating Task Assignments based on Task Status

Automate assignments on incoming tasks, review steps, Client approvals, and more with our Status Automation. Anyone assigned to a specific Status will automatically be assigned to any tasks that enter that Status, and will be unassigned when the task is moved to a different Status.

To learn more about Status Assignments, visit our Status Automation help article.

4. Grouping Tasks By Automation

Grouping your task board by Assignees, Due Date, Milestone, or Tags will automatically apply the grouped parameter to any task that enters the grouping. This is a fantastic way to visualize your task board by project phase, priority, or more!

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