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Nifty Partnership Program

Sign up and leverage either our Affiliate or Referral programs to monetize the accounts you bring to Nifty!

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Let us start by saying thank you. πŸ™

The only thing better than you using Nifty is you helping us spread the word about the Nifty experience, and we want you to share in our success. Let's start by discussing our two types of Partnership Plans. You may engage in both types of campaigns and do not need to select one exclusively.

Affiliate Program

Our Affiliate Plan rewards you for driving high volumes of traffic to Nifty by giving you a 20% recurring commission on all paid plans that you bring to Nifty. You'll receive 20% of these plans while they are active.

This is great for community thought leaders, bloggers, vloggers, and affiliate marketers.

Referral Program

Our Referral Plan allows you to extend additional value to friends, family, and clients by giving you a 10% recurring commission on all paid plans that you bring to Nifty. In addition, you'll have a 10% discount coupon that you can extend to these referrals as a sign of partnership between you and us. You'll receive 10% of these plans while they are active.

This is a great program for agencies, consultancies, or other client service roles.

Signing Up

Create a new account through

Please note that you will need to create a partnership account, even if you have a Nifty account.

Choosing Campaigns from your Dashboard

This video walks you through how to leverage our partnership campaigns.


How does payout work?

You will have the ability to receive a payout once you're above $20 in unpaid commissions. Payout is sent to a Paypal account.

Are there any rules or expected conduct with these programs?

  • First, we reserve the right to not payout commissions that extend Referral coupon codes as part of the Affiliate campaign as this is a value add to the Referral program

  • Second, we ask that you use Nifty branding during the process of engaging with our Partnership program to add legitimacy to your efforts

  • Lastly, we humbly ask you to represent yourself and our brand in a way that is respectful and will not lead to harm for either party

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