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Recovering Deleted Items
Recovering Deleted Items

Recover Templates, Tags, and Forms from the Trash within 30 days of deletion.

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Accidents happen, which is why Nifty has a Trash can in your Workspace. When specific items are deleted, they will be stored for 30 days within a "soft delete" before being removed from the Workspace entirely.

Currently stored in the Trash upon deletion are:

  • Templates

  • Tags

  • Forms

More items will be introduced into the Trash as well.

Recovering Items from the Trash

The Trash can be accessed via the dropdown menu.

From within your Trash, select the item you wish to review from the lefthand side. You'll see deleted items, who deleted them, and how many days until they are removed from the Workspace entirely.

You can click on items to select them and then the Recover button to bring these items out of the Trash and back into your Workspace.

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