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Sharing and Importing Templates
Sharing and Importing Templates

Share and import templates across workspaces through Nifty's Template Center.

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Share or import workflows across Workspaces from within Nifty's Workspace Control Center. This is a great way to share a workflow with a client or within the Nifty community!

Accessing the Control Center

Start by accessing your Control Center via your top left dropdown menu.

From within the Control Center, you can see all of the current Templates already saved in your Workspace.

Sharing a Template

First, select the template that you'd like to share.

Once inside the template options, select the Share Template button.

You will see a link generated for this template. Select the Copy button to add it to your clipboard.

You're now set to share this Template outside of your Workspace!

Importing a Template

Log into your Nifty workspace in your browser via Next, paste the URL of the template you'd like to import into your Workspace. Once you visit the Template URL, you will be redirected to the + Import Template section of your Control Center with the Token of the Template filled in.

Select the Add to my template center button to import the template which you can now access via your Template Center. You can now use this Template via the Saved Templates tab when creating a Project.

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