Milestones Automate Project Reporting

Your Milestones will report their completion percentage in real time when the Tasks within them are completed. By doing so, your Roadmap will automatically update project progress as you simply manage your tasks.

This is a great way to:

  • Keep stakeholders aligned proactively, even if they aren't project members

  • Identify blockers and risks before they occur

  • Align and motivate project members around key checkpoints

While there are two key ways to manage Milestones, they both management modes will update progress based on the percentage of open and completed Tasks within them.

Creating a Milestone

There are two main places to create a Milestone within a Project.

Roadmap Milestone Creation

You can create your Milestones on your Roadmap screen, after which Tasks can be created directly within them so that they are tied to this Milestone's progress automation. This is done with the + Add a Milestone button, then clicking on the Milestone to open it once it's been made.

This is a great way to build a project out that does not yet have any Tasks within it.

Tasks Milestone Creation

You can create a Milestone from your Tasks screen as well when you go to Tie a task to a Milestone. This option can be found within an open task under the Milestone --> Tie --> Create a Milestone

Tasks can also be tied to existing Milestones by using Bulk Actions.

Now task completion is reflected on the associated milestone and automates the visual progress of your milestones! 🎉

Reading Milestone Statuses

Milestones with tasks tied to them have colors that correspond to their statuses:

Green:  All tasks tied to the milestone are completed and you're ahead of or on schedule.
Orange:  Visual progress tracker with some of the tasks tied to the milestone marked completed.
Red:  A reference for being overdue. The milestone end date has concluded with tasks tied to the milestone still not in the Completed status.
Grey:  There are no tasks associated to this milestone or no tasks have been completed.

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