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Deleting your Nifty Account
Deleting your Nifty Account

Deleting a Workspace, Subscription, or leaving a team

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Accessing Team Settings

You can access your team settings by clicking on your team name at the top left corner, and finding the settings gear next to the team name from the dropdown menu.

Deleting Your Workspace

You can access the Delete Workspace function via Workspace Settings --> Security Settings --> Delete Workspace. Deleting your Workspace will also terminate the subscription tied to that Workspace.

Note:  All team data is deleted and cannot be recovered when a team is deleted.

If you wish to delete your user account as well, which will make it such you no longer receive any emails from the Nifty team regarding product and company updates, you may check the checkbox during deleting.

Note: This will not present as an option if you are part of multiple teams with the same email address as other workspaces must be deleted before you can delete your account with the last team.

Leaving Your Team

If you are on a team where you are not the owner, you can leave the team by going to your profile settings and clicking on Leave Team.

Feel free to email with any questions or feedback!

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