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Signing into Multiple Workspaces
Signing into Multiple Workspaces

Sign into multiple Workspaces under different emails to connect your accounts and find them in the same dropdown menu.

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You can access different Workspaces that are associated with different emails without needing to log out and log back in. Linking these emails together will allow you to access Workspaces from different emails in the same dropdown.

In other words, if you're in one Workspace with your Gmail, and another with your work email, you can now flip between them seamlessly!

Linking Different Emails

Start by locating the "Sign into another Workspace" button in your dropdown menu. This will take you to your Profile Settings.

Once in your Profile Settings, you'll want to find the Link Account button under Manage Workspaces. Note that you may need to scroll to see it.

With this module open, you'll now have the ability to include the additional email and password as well as the password of your current account.

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