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Airtable Integration with Nifty
Airtable Integration with Nifty

Create a Nifty task from a new Airtable record, or vice versa!

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Airtable's robust spreadsheet functionality can now work hand-in-hand with your project management workflow! Choose which integration--or use both--to work seamlessly between the two tools.

This integration is fantastic for:

  • Creating invoicing tasks

  • Backoffice tasks

  • ...and more!

We offer two Airtable integrations:

Airtable to Nifty

With this integration, a new Airtable record will automatically create a Nifty task in your desired project with your record's data.

Nifty to Airtable

With this integration, a new Nifty task will automatically create an Airtable record with the task data.

*Requires Zapier

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