Team and Personal Calendars

View all your team's tasks & deadlines using Team and My Calendar views

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Use Nifty's Calendar to get a captain's-chair view of your team's deadlines and priorities, as well as My Calendar to focus on what you need to get done.

First, start by selecting the portfolios and projects you wish to see in your Calendar experiences with the Filter Configuration. This can help weed out projects that you're a part of that you may not wish to always see its tasks in these views.

Team Calendar View

Calendar is the master view for due dates and team task volume.

Use the arrows on the sides of the month to navigate to previous and future months. Lock in to today with the Today button. The Month / Week / Day selector ensures you can narrow your view to specific periods.

Creating a Task

There are two ways to create a Task in this view. The first is with the Add Task button in the upper right corner. The second is to click on empty space on a specific day to create a task for that day.

Viewing Tasks

Click on a Task in your Calendar to open it. If a day has more than 4 Task deadlines associated to it, you'll see the +(amount) more button at the bottom of the tile. Clicking the link shows the additional tasks with that due date.

My Calendar

You can view a personalized calendar through the My Calendar tab in Calendar view. You can even integrate your personal calendar with your Google Calendar!

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