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Integrating with GitHub

Connect your Projects with your GitHub Repo to help you track your commits, merges, and pull requests from within your task activity feeds.

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Establishing Your GitHub Integration

To integrate GitHub, your account owner must access the App Center section of their Team Settings and Install the GitHub app.

Next, you'll need to grant access to the organization that you want to integrate with and then authorize Nifty.

Once you've logged into your Github account, you can indicate which repository a project's taskboard should connect to by inputting the repository's URL in your Project's Settings, eg. "nifty-pm/frontend"

Using Task Activity to Track Commits, Merges, and Pull Requests

Once your project is connected a GitHub repository, activities in that repository require the task ID to be mentioned in order for them to be shown in your Task's Activity Log.

Note: Task ID's must include the # sign, eg. #B-207

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