Archiving and Un-Archiving Projects

Archiving and restoring projects

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Archived projects in Nifty are removed from your active workspace while retaining the project data.

Archiving is a great way to keep your workspace clean and focused on active projects while storing meaningful project data of previous endeavors.

Archiving a Project

Hover over a project in your sidebar to reveal the option dot menu. Click on the option dots to find the Archive Project action.

Type ARCHIVE in all caps and select the Yes, archive project action.

Your project is now removed from your active Workspace and can be found within the Archived Projects section of Workspace Settings.

Restoring Archived Projects

Archived projects can be restored from within Workspace Settings via the Dropdown Menu.

Once in Settings, find the Active Projects dropdown and click on the down arrow to surface the Archived Projects option.

Once you've selected the project you wish to unarchive, select the Un-archive option and select which Portfolio the project should be located to.

Your project is now back in your active Workspace!

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