1. Docs can be created two ways; we will start with the conventional method. Select the docs tool in the Nifty task bar in your project and click on the "Create a new Doc" button to start a new document.

2. Next, invite people to your document and choose their level of interaction they can have with the document.

Users who are not invited to your document will not see it in their document list in their Docs tool.

3. Across the top of the document is the text styling bar. This header is sticky and will travel with you as you scroll down the document. Note that images can be uploaded with the Image tool or dropped into the doc directly.

3. Comments can be left in the document for other doc members to view and interact with.

4.  Other than directly inviting users, this document can be shared two ways.

First, you can copy a link to your clipboard and share the link publicly. Non-Nifty users will still be able to see this document, though they will not have any editing functionality.

Secondly, you can copy the document to your clipboard as a read-only and paste it anywhere you'd like!

5. The second way to create a doc - Discussions.

Documents can be created directly in a discussion by selecting the document icon in the discussion text box.

Creating a document in a discussion automatically allows everyone that discussion to view the document. In order for them to edit the document, you must change their permissions in the document.

They can view this document in the discussion or through the Docs tool.

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