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AI Project Templates

Use Nifty's AI to automate the creation of Lists, Statuses, and Tasks of your Project.

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Nifty's AI Template creator allows you to create an entire project workflow complete with Lists, Statuses, and Tasks with just a simple prompt. You'll even have a chance to make edits to the project before it is created to ensure it fits the way you work exactly.

Creating an AI Template

Start by creating a Project from within your Workspace.

Creating Your Project from a Prompt

Within the AI Template option, use a phrase to describe the type of project you're looking to create. Some examples might be:

  • Website creation for ecommerce

  • Email marketing drip campaign

  • Agile sprint management

  • Real estate transaction

  • Kitchen renovation

  • Corporate event

  • ...or whatever you're looking to manage!

*Note: Prompts can also be entire specifications documents, so feel free to paste your project outlines or functional specifications to instantly build out your project.

Once the prompt is entered, select the Generate Preview button to go to the next step.

Previewing and Editing the Project Template

Once the preview is generated, you'll see the Lists (task groupings or phases), Statuses (steps in a task's lifecycle), and Tasks/Subtasks within the template.

πŸ‘‰ Check out this article to learn more about how Lists, Statuses, and Tasks work together to organize your workflow.

Our AI can work wonders, but it's common to have to tweak what it generates to fit your exact workflow. The Lists, Statuses, and Tasks sections can be clicked into so that you can edit the contents before the Project is created.

That said, everything seen in the preview can still be updated once the project is created, so don't feel compelled to fill everything out now if you're eager to see your project in action!

Lastly, if the preview doesn't look like a relevant starting point for your project, feel free to input a new phrase and generate a new project preview.

Editing Lists

The Lists of the project group tasks together into relevant buckets or phases. Clicking into the Lists box will show the autogenerated Lists as well as how many tasks each List contains. You can edit the name of the List--or delete it on hover--with the on hover options.

Clicking on the tasks dropdown within the List will expand the List to show the Tasks within the List. You can edit these Tasks further via the pencil icon on hover, or delete them entirely. You can also add new tasks to this List at this time.

Editing a task will allow you to add more parameters to the task before the project is created.

You can also expand tasks to view and edit the subtasks within them.

If this template is missing Lists relevant to your project, you can create them at the bottom of the screen. Note that if you'd like to adjust the order of the Lists, this can be done easily once the project is created. Use the Back button to return to the previous screen.

Editing Statuses

Statuses indicate the steps a task takes during your project. If you're not sure what your Statuses should be, we'd recommend using general phrases, such as "To do" and "In Progress". That said, your industry or team might have more specific terms for the steps in a task's lifecycle.

Tasks will automatically start in the top Status (which is also the furthest left Status should you view your project in Kanban view). Note that Completed is a default Status in Nifty, so it does not need to be added and cannot be removed.

You can edit or delete Statuses via options on hover.

Use the Back button to return to the previous screen.

Editing Tasks

Tasks are the individual steps within your workflow. Subtasks allow you to add more granularity to the main Task.

Tasks and subtasks can be edited in either the List or Statuses screen as well as within the Tasks section of the template. Use the Back button to return to the previous screen.

Creating & Saving Your Template

Now that your project template is ready to go, name your project at the top and select the Create Project option to get started on your workflow within Nifty!

Note that, once the project is created from our AI, it will automatically be saved as template to be used again in the future.

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