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Setting up and disabling Custom Domain (CNAME)
Setting up and disabling Custom Domain (CNAME)

Replace the Nifty workspace URL with your own custom domain for personalized access by your team and Guests.

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Enabling CNAME

Start by enabling the Custom Domain setting under General Settings.

This will prompt you to add the CNAME add on to your Workspace's subscription.

Implementing a Custom Domain

Step 1

Start by selecting the edit button in your Custom Domain field in Workspace Settings.

You will be prompted to add the desired domain to replace your Nifty Workspace domain. Then select Next.

Next, copy the Host / Name value with the Copy button.

In your DNS manager, create a new CNAME record. The Host / Name value from Nifty should be the same Host and Value as shown in the first step of your setup modal.

Add this record in your DNS Manager.

Step 2

Though it might take a moment to propagate, Nifty will populate Step 2. At this point, you will be provided the Host based on the subdomain/domain you indicated during the outset of the process. Additionally, you will be provided with a new Value.

Create a second (new) DNS record and paste the Host and Value items from Step 2 into the Host and Answer sections respectively of the new record. Then Add this record.

Confirming Setup and enabling CNAME

Nifty will indicate once the CNAME setup on our side is complete and when you can use your new URL (shown below in this case as

DO NOT enable CNAME for everyone until you can confirm that the propagation is complete, as DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours.

Disabling CNAME (Fallback Access)

If you need a fallback way to login into your Nifty workspace without redirecting to your custom domain, use this link: https://[yourteamname] .

*[yourteamname] in the above link should be replaced with your team's portion of your URL, which in the below example would be nifty-purple.

So, for this team, their CNAME Fallback URL would be:

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