Your AppSumo onboarding requested that you start with one code and add the remainder once you're in Nifty. Here's how to do it:

Access Billing Settings

You'll want to access the Billing section of your Team Options. Clicking on the Upgrade button is the fastest way to get there.

Add Additional AppSumo Codes

In this section you can add your additional AppSumo codes! Once you've finished, you can invite team members by accessing the My Team section in the sidebar!



What are the basics of Nifty?

Be sure to check out our Getting Started article to learn more about how Guests work, how Portfolios and Projects operate, and what it means to be part of a Team!

I've already created a team before redeeming an AppSumo code? What can I do?

If you'd like to use this email again for your appsumo workspace account, fully delete this account and email through the Billing section of Workspace Settings and create a new one through

This article will walk you through how to delete your account.

What counts towards my storage used on Nifty?

Only a project's Files. Files brought in from Dropbox and GDrive count towards your Nifty storage. Our integration with these two is NOT a direct sync, meaning you will get to choose which files should be brought into a project.

What features or integrations do you have planned?

You can see our public Roadmap through this article.

Will I be able to add additional users and space following AppSumo?

Users will be able to be added at $3/user/mo.

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