1. Click on "Tasks" in the bottom navigation bar of the project.
  2. On the left-hand sidebar, press the "+" button next to the appropriate list.
  3. Here you may name, describe and apply a due date to the task at hand. You may also assign it to one of your team members.
    Note: Feel free to leave your task scopes wide-ranging as you can divide the task into smaller Subtasks.
    Note: You can have discussions on individual Tasks to keep conversations and feedback clearly tied to a specific item.
  4. Name your first Subtask at which point and for additional Subtasks, press the "+" button next to Subtasks.
  5. When a Subtask is complete, press the checkbox on the left side of the Subtask to mark it as completed.

Note: You can drag and drop relevant files into the task, or add them by pressing the "+" button next to "Attachments".

If you wish to delete a task, find the righthand tool bar and select "Delete Task".

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